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Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to Visit U.S. Amid Aid Debate

WASHINGTON — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is scheduled to arrive in the U.S. next week for engagements at the White House and Capitol Hill, coinciding with the United Nations General Assembly.

The anticipated visit comes during Congress's ongoing deliberation over President Joe Biden's proposition to allocate up to $24 billion in military and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine, which remains embroiled in a conflict with Russia.

While the administration official, choosing to remain anonymous, indicated a slated meeting between Biden and Zelenskyy at the White House, details about the Capitol visit were confirmed by two congressional aides, also speaking under anonymity.

Zelenskyy had previously made a poignant visit to Washington in December 2022 amidst the war. Addressing a joint Congressional assembly, he expressed gratitude to the U.S. for its financial support towards the war effort, emphasizing that these funds represent not mere charity but a critical investment in global stability and democratic values.

As for the details of next week's visit, there is still much kept under wraps, with initial reports emerging from Punchbowl News. While the White House National Security Council has refrained from commenting on Zelenskyy's visit and potential engagements, the U.S. administration has made clear its position on the conflict.

In a recent development, the Treasury and State Departments declared the imposition of fresh sanctions on over 150 individuals and organizations associated with Russia's invasion. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen asserted the U.S.'s commitment to stymieing Russia's war machinery, emphasizing targeting Russia’s military supply chains to stifle Putin's ongoing aggression against Ukraine.

However, the matter of additional aid for Ukraine is a subject of contention in Congress. While Biden has lobbied for a substantial aid package for Ukraine, conservative Republicans, especially those aligned with former President Donald Trump, have shown reluctance, advocating for extensive federal budget cuts and expressing specific reservations about the proposed assistance to Ukraine.

The impending Sept. 30 deadline for Congress to finalize its annual appropriations bills adds to the urgency, given the necessity to ensure continued operation of the U.S. government.

In Summary:

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's forthcoming U.S. visit places him at the center of pivotal discussions regarding America's commitment to Ukraine, especially as Congress debates significant aid packages. Amidst these high-stakes deliberations, both nations aim to bolster their collaboration to counteract Russia's ongoing invasion.

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Unknown member
Sep 26, 2023

They should take him to Colorado and get him HAF so he can chill out. Maybe Sauna, massage, etc.

Then give him a piece of strike gum and send his ass back to work.


Unknown member
Sep 17, 2023

Hello all

I writing here because I got blocked for 24 hours off you tube .


Unknown member
Sep 15, 2023

I live 1 & 1/2 hours away from Washington DC! I so want to meet President Zelensky!! Like that can happen!! Ugh!!

Unknown member
Sep 18, 2023
Replying to

Thanks! BUT, Can you imagine the red tape, the waiting time & not to mention not being able to get close enough to ACTUALLY MEET HIM?! I also wouldn't want to go alone. My friends just don't care enough to go!! Which is upsetting in itself...😕💔

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