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Russian Military Bloggers Question Validity of Speculation on Ukrainian Counteroffensives

Recent leaks of classified US documents about the war in Ukraine have caused concern among Russian military bloggers, who are now questioning the validity of their assessments and speculations on potential Ukrainian counteroffensives. The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has reported on this development, stating that the leak has exposed a significant nerve point in the Russian information space.

While some Russian bloggers have dismissed the authenticity of the leaked documents, others have suggested that they may be part of a larger Ukrainian campaign to mislead Russian forces ahead of a counteroffensive. Bloggers have cautioned their audience to be careful in discussing places where Ukrainian counterattacks may take place due to the leaked documents.

ISW analysts have also highlighted other key findings, including reports of limited ground attacks by Russian troops on the Svatove-Kreminna line, continued Russian troop advances in the Bakhmut area and along the Avdiivka-Donetsk front line, and ongoing efforts by Russian officials to support the current spring draft cycle in Russia amid continued mobilization efforts.

The recent leak of secret US and NATO plans for a Ukrainian counteroffensive has been denied by the Ukrainian government, while the Pentagon is investigating who could be behind the leak. The US believes that Russia or pro-Russian elements may be involved in the leak of the secret documents.

In light of these developments, it appears that Russian military bloggers are reevaluating their assessments and speculations regarding potential Ukrainian counteroffensives, and may be more cautious in their discussions of these topics going forward.

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Unknown member
Apr 11, 2023

Hopefully this is an exercise in creating confusion and making Russia second guess every piece of information they receive. If Israel retaliates in Syria for the rocket attacks it will test Russia's resolve and capabilities in Syria. The Israelis may also test new ways to take out Russian anti aircraft equipment which would be very helpful information for Ukraine in the upcoming offensive.


Unknown member
Apr 08, 2023

"Significant nerve point" Hahaha!

Pretty funny seeing these puffed up Russian mil-bloggers suddenly realizing they've been Rick-rolled.

Russia is now stuck in the equivalent of the game from hell. "You can't win, you can't quit, and you can't break even".

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