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Russia Accused of Widespread Civilian Torture and Unlawful Executions in Ukraine Conflict: UN Report

A recent United Nations report has revealed deeply troubling allegations against Russian forces, who stand accused of widespread and systematic torture of civilians detained during the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. The global body's investigation, which involved interviews with hundreds of victims and witnesses, points to a grave abuse of human rights.

What does this mean?

These shocking claims suggest that Russia's military actions extend beyond conventional warfare to encompass flagrant violations of human rights. The allegations, if substantiated, present a dire picture of a conflict marked by brutality, inhumanity, and a disregard for international law.

The UN report documented over 900 instances of civilians, including children and the elderly, being arbitrarily detained, with the majority of these cases attributable to Russian forces. Disturbingly, the majority of interviewees reported suffering torture and, in some instances, sexual violence while in detention.

According to Matilda Bogner, head of the UN human rights office in Ukraine, the alleged tortures were used to extract confessions of assistance to Ukrainian armed forces, coerce cooperation with the occupying authorities, or intimidate those with pro-Ukrainian sentiments.

The report also paints a troubling picture of Ukraine's actions in the conflict. While far fewer in number, the report noted 75 instances of arbitrary detentions by Ukrainian security forces, many of which amounted to enforced disappearances. Over half of those detained by Ukrainian forces also reported being tortured or ill-treated, primarily during or immediately after arrest.

This report raises pressing questions about the rules of engagement in modern conflicts, particularly regarding the treatment of civilians and prisoners of war. A lack of compliance with international law could set a worrying precedent for conflicts yet to come.

While Ukraine provided "unimpeded confidential access" to detainees at official detention centres for UN investigators, Russia denied them similar access, despite repeated requests.

The report also raised concerns over a proposed bill that would protect perpetrators from criminal liability for crimes committed in occupied parts of Ukraine under certain circumstances. This bill would constitute a direct violation of the state's obligation to investigate and prosecute serious infringements of international humanitarian law and gross violations of international human rights law.

The report starkly illuminates the impact of the conflict on civilians and raises urgent calls for justice. As the world grapples with the grim reality of the situation in Ukraine, one thing is clear: these allegations, if true, represent an egregious disregard for basic human rights that cannot go unanswered.

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Unknown member
Jul 04, 2023

Thank you to all the veterans! It's because of you we have to freedoms.


Unknown member
Jul 03, 2023

All of this tragic, tragic pain, death, and suffering because of the hubris and sociopathic ideology of ONE MAN. I am 67 years old. During my lifetime I have heard comparisons to Hitler made many times. But this time it is absolutely accurate. Vladimir Putin is a monster. Like Hitler before him he is killing and ruining the lives of his own countrymen, as well as those of his chosen enemies. He MUST BE STOPPED at any and all costs. He has sealed his place in history along side Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and so many others.

It crushes my soul to say it, but it must be said. My own country's lies and manipulation have also caused this…


Unknown member
Jun 29, 2023

nice reporting. The criminals are always desperate. With crime comes divine justice. There is no escape. retribution always happens.

I pray for 2.5 Kilometers of Ukrainian retribution daily. I often get positive results. The Rigilian telopaths control Putins mind. My Jesus dose not have access to Putins mind.

Putin will slaughter his own. This will weaken the chain of command.

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