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Combatvetnews update

Hello all,

Just letting you know we are continuing to work on quality of life improvements that include:

Paypal: we are at the mercy of their approval system and getting it added to the site, as soon as they approve, we will add it.

Website functionality and a faq/help section:

While we have noticed that the majority of users are getting through the website without issue, there is enough user issue that warrants a general FAQ and help guide: for now the most common two issues are :

ReCaptcha: does not like VPN and adblock- when clicking the box, disable these temporarily if you have an issue or try using a different IP for the VPN.

Just subscribed and it didn't give you instant access to the member videos:

Log out and back in. It forces it to refresh your permissions and your good to go.


-Pauls helper

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Miembro desconocido
11 abr

PAUL COMMENTS ABOUT ARE CONGRESS IIS RIGHT ON A BLINDless assholes they are there for thir own good. only. We realy need to have only one rep per stae. I hope that the Stuppeds wake up in time to help the Ukranine peple .and save the rest of the world a THIRD WORLD WAR. We should fall on our nees and kiss the boots of the Ukrainian for saving us from more world disruction. We should be assamed for our lack of help. Paul Mottke

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Miembro desconocido
19 mar

Hello, I think this content is very important. Thanks so much for sharing the incites and observations. It has helped me to better appreciate the advantages we had Iraq and Afghanistan and the ability o dominate the enemy. I hope we do not get in such dire straits as the poor soldiers being used as fodder for a meat grinder.

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Miembro desconocido
18 mar

want to end membership unable to log in.

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Miembro desconocido
14 feb

Hey Paul, I’ve been subscribed for a few months now. But I’m unable to view members only content. I’ve asked repeatedly to be unsubbed, but still getting charged. WTF bro.

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Miembro desconocido
17 dic 2023

you are charging to my cC 4 USD (I have been a member for months now), I have ID and password as usual but I am not allowed to access content at all! What gives???

Me gusta
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